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  • Woodside Park development

    Created by Chris Peck // 1 thread

    Woodside Park is a commercial area which the developers wish to turn into an 87 dwelling residential area, comprised of 61 flats and 26 houses, with up to 235 residents. An additional office space area could also be turned into a further 20 2-bed flats, resulting in a total of 107 dwellings.

    The developers' transport assessment suggest this:

    "Whilst there are no formal facilities for cyclists, the local roads are suitable for use
    by cyclists, and Catteshall Lane is identified as a recommended cycle route by SCC
    and Sustrans. This cycle route links with Godalming town centre and Godalming
    railway station, which is approximately five minutes from the site by bicycle."

    This is patently not true, as the route to Godalming station via the town centre is one-way!

    Car parking

    135 car parking spaces are planned, however, the assessment suggests that, comparing equivalent car ownership in the local area, only 86 spaces are actually required (because there are only 0.8 cars per flat in central Godalming, and 1.42 cars per house).

    While it is accepted that a few extra spaces are required for visitors, is 56% extra parking really needed?

    Cycle parking

    No numbers are provided, but houses are expected to accommodate cycles in sheds or garages, while there will be covered cycle storage for the flats.

    More detail is required on how secure this storage will be.

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